37 Hours Blog Tour + Giveaway

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

By J. F. Kirwan
Source: PR Copy for blog tour

After two long years spent in a secret British prison, Nadia Laksheva is suddenly granted her
freedom. Yet there is a dangerous price to pay for her release: she must retrieve the Russian nuclear
warhead stolen by her deadliest enemy, a powerful and ruthless terrorist known only as The Client.

But her mysterious nemesis is always one step ahead and the clock is ticking. In 37 hours, the warhead will explode, reducing the city of London to a pile of ash. Only this time, Nadia is prepared to pull the trigger at any cost...

The deadly trail will take her from crowded Moscow to the silent streets of Chernobyl, but will Nadia find what she is looking for before the clock hits zero?

The One Memory of Flora Banks Review

Saturday, 12 August 2017

By Emily Barr
Rating: 4/5
Source: W H Smith Bundle 

How do you know who to trust when you can't even trust yourself? 
Flora has amnesia. She can't remember anything day-to-day: the joke her friend made, the instructions her parents gave her, how old she is. 
Then she kisses someone she shouldn't - and the next day she remembers it. 
It's the first time she's remembered anything since she was ten. 
But the boy is gone. 
I look at my hands. One of them says 
FLORA be brave. 

Harry Potter Tag

Monday, 7 August 2017

I was tagged by the lovely Louise from Louise Bodle to do this tag, I never can refuse anything Harry Potter related. So here we go!

History Is All You Left Me Review

Sunday, 6 August 2017

By Adam Silvera
Rating: 5/5
Source: W H Smith Bundle

Griffin has lost his first love in a drowning accident. Theo was his best friend, ex-boyfriend and the one he believed he would end up with. Now, reeling from grief and worsening OCD, Griffin turns to an unexpected person for help. Theo's new boyfriend. 
But as their relationship becomes increasingly complicated, dangerous truths begin to surface. Griffin must make a choice: confront the pass or miss out on his future.

First Time @ YALC

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

It's been a couple of days since I got home from the Young Adult Literature Convention at  and the all I've been thinking is how I wish I'd done all three days instead of just going on the Sunday. I had such a good time with my friend Shannan (Twenty Something and Day Dreaming), meeting up with some other bloggers and queueing for all the books!

I was told before I went to the convention that I would accumulate a lot of free stuff and books, yet I still wasn't prepared for it. Honestly this isn't even a lot of stuff, I know people who ended up with 50 books so I feel like my haul is very modest in comparison but I'm so happy with it. 

I met these awesome authors, Chris Russell signed my copy of Songs About Us and Non Pratt signed Unboxed for me. Both of them were lovely and although I was too nervous to really talk to them about their books, I got to have a lovely chat with them both about their time at the convention and Non even invited me to stroke her newly shaved head -it was different kid of bonding experience. 

I also met the actual Patrick Ness who has been one of my favourite authors for a long time, I didn't get a photo with him because his signing queue was so long I didn't even want to ask. He signed my copy of Release and again I exchanged some small talk, which in itself was surreal. Making small talk with Patrick Ness... Just what? 

I managed to get ARCs of The Fandom and Invictus which I was pretty happy about, there was a couple more I was after but they didn't seem to be around on the Sunday (another reason I want to go all three days next year) but I also felt that the 'FIRST FIVE PEOPLE TO SPRINT HERE AND SCREAM I LOVE YOU GET AN ARC' was a little bit intimidating and I don't think I'd have been able to do it even if I had been there on the right days. 

I only actually bought four books on the Sunday, I'm more shocked than I am impressed. There were some good deals on but other than the ARCs there was a lot of stuff that I could pick up anytime and not have to carry around London and back up to Newcastle, so I reined myself in for the most part. I got Alex Approximately because I'm really excited to read it, I bought The Miseducation of Cameron Post on the recommendation from the lovely ladies at the Penguin stand, and since it was 2 for £10 I got Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index too because I've heard good things. Lastly I got The Dark Crowns in a mystery book offer from My Kinda Book, it sounds really interesting and it's fantasy which I need to read more.

I also picked up a collection of samplers including Floored, which I am so excited for, as well as Clean from Juno Dawson and Alex Bertie's book and a whole collection of fantasy book samples to hopefully fuel my newly rediscovered passion for fantasy.   

Here are a few close ups of some of the other goodies I got, not gonna lie, the free Shadowhunters tote bag was probably one of my favourite items of the day. I would like to recommend the Butter Beer lip balm to everyone, not just Potterheads because it smells AMAZING. The posters we stole (not really they offered) from the Penguin stand and I made sure to grab One Of Us Is Lying, Book of Dust and Turtles All The Way Down - even though it isn't the official book cover, I think it's cool to have <3

I did venture down to LFCC once to meet Mr Holmes, Doctor Strange and actual human otter, Benedict Cumberbatch. Turns out I didn't really need to because Ben made so many surprise appearances on the YALC floor that if you took a shot every time you saw him, you'd probably be dead. The photo ops were as hectic as always but he was a sweetheart and took time to shake everyones hand and thank them for coming, I was so pleased to finally meet him after years of fangirling <3.

Check out my twitter thread for even more fangirling and highlights!

And that's it from my first trip to YALC. I can't wait to go back next year, we're already planning the three days and it's going to be amazing! 

Thanks for reading! 

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